How to integrate a postback

Some of you are using postbacks, so we decided to do a litle doc in order to help you prepare your postback, no matter the system you use.

You will notice that our links are usually like this :

1. Link for revshare offers (%)

where you will identify several infos :

ID = your Id on our plateform (in our case 1234567)
TRACKER = where you will put all params you need .
trID_ = all your information is between trID_ … _trID

2. Link for PPS offers (fixed);tracker=trID_1234567_#affid#-#TransID#-#clickId#-#whateverId#_trID

ID =66013 our Id for a PPS offer
TRACKER =your Id (in our case 1234567) on our plateform followed by all params you need.
trID_ = all your information is between trID_ … _trID

So you will send us all your infos in the tracker : affid, transID, clickID etc.


If you need a custom structure : please let us know and we will see what we can do 😉

Once the postback is integrated on our side we need your test link in order to see if everything is ok ! The test may take several minutes (up to 35 minutes) .

We can implement one postback for all our offers ! Up to you to correctly identify the offers you use, on your side.

It is important to know that several offers can have the same amount (live, dating etc).

In case you are working with the revshare offer, you should know that most of our offers have free registration, trial/signup and rebill where :
free registration = the visitor opens an free account on the product
Trial = 30 minutes free testing of the member zone
signup = the trial converted = sale
rebill = membership renewed

In some cases, like dating : you might need a FREE REGISTRATION postback. The rules and links are exactely the same as for the sale.

All good now, but who do I see this with ? Your usual contact will help you with this ; just prepare all your infos:

– your carpediem ID
– your Offer links
– destination of your postback (conversion, free registration, both etc)
– your test link
– params you need to send with details
– any other question you might have on the subject.